Pepper 'Hungarian Hot Banana' 4 Inch

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As with all peppers, 'Hungarian Hot Banana' pepper grows best in full sun, and will typically yield hotter fruits if watering is reduced. Considered a medium hot pepper, 'Hungarian Hot Banana' peppers average 6" to 8" long at maturity and will change from a light yellow to red at full maturity, somewhere around 70 - 80 days. This is a good choice for those who enjoy roasting or pickling peppers.

Common Name: Hungarian Hot Banana Pepper, Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper
Culinary Uses: Roasting, pickling, frying
Harvest Time: 75 days
Mature Size: Plant is 24 " - 36" tall. Peppers are 6" - 8" long.
Growth Rate: Moderate
Cold Hardiness: Frost sensitive perennial grown as an annual
Light: Full sun
Structure: Upright
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