Pepper 'Holy Mole' 4 inch

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For lovers of molé sauce, this is the pepper to grow. 'Holy Mole' pepper was the 2007 All-American Selection (AAS) Edible-Vegetable winner, due to its resistance to common viral diseases that stunt pepper growth and production, and earlier maturation. Even so, gardeners will generally need to wait 85 days before harvesting green peppers, and it will be even longer before peppers reach that dark chocolate color, indicating full maturity. Plant 'Holy Mole' in a warm sunny garden spot, then be patient.

Common Name: Holy Mole Pepper
Culinary Uses: Cooked in Latino dishes
Harvest Time: 85 days
Mature Size: Plant is 2 - 3 feet tall and wide. Peppers are 7" - 9" long, 1-1/2" wide
Growth Rate: Moderate
Cold Hardiness: Frost sensitive perennial grown as an annual
Light: Full sun
Structure: Upright bushy
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