Peperomia 'Hope' 4 Inch

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So many of the peperomias are upright or mounding in nature, it's surprising to find one that is a true trailer. Peperomia Hope has rounded, fleshy leaves that look very similar to Watermelon Peperomia, but grow in clusters of two or three along thick pinkish stems that can trail up to 18 inches long. Like other peperomia, Hope prefers a well-lit room with indirect light and should be watered thoroughly only when the top inch of soil is dry. It does benefit from higher humidity, so mist frequently or place the pot on a saucer filled with pebbles, and add water to the saucer until pebbles are partially submerged. Peperomia Hope works well in hanging baskets and is pet-friendly, so if any furry friends decide to sample this houseplant, they should have no ill effects.

Common Name: Peperomia Hope
Mature Size: 12" - 18" long stems
Growth Rate: Moderate
Optimum Temperature: 60°-80° F
Characteristics: Trailing house plant, pet-friendly
Light: Well-lit room, no direct sun
Water: Water thoroughly when top inch of soil is dry
Structure: Trailing
Bloom Color: N/A
Uses: Houseplant, indoor container planters, hanging baskets
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