Passion Window Box Kit

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Your neighbors will have window box envy when they see your gorgeous wrought iron passion window box. Sheet moss lines three sides of the box so the removable plastic liner is completely hidden. Two heavy duty brackets are designed to fasten the box securely to fence posts or siding studs, while also keeping the box propped up and not resting on the boards. 

The removable plastic liners fit either the two foot or three foot window boxes perfectly, and have slightly smaller dimensions than the window boxes themselves; that is, just shy of two or three feet long, nine inches across, and eight inches deep. Planting into the liners rather than directly into the window box is infinitely easier and will extend the life of the sheet moss. Consider bringing the liners with you to the nursery when picking out your plants so you can plant them up in the planting pavilion, using our free soil and fertilizer, and we'll clean up after you!  

Description: Passion Window Box Kit
Use: Outdoor window boxes
Color: Black
Material: Wrought iron
Size 1: Two feet long, 9 inches across, 8 inches deep
Size 2: Three feet long, 9 inches across, 8 inches deep
Additional Info: Kit includes window box, two brackets, sheet moss lining, and plastic insert
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