Passion Box Liner

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The logistics of planting window boxes is often daunting. Planting a window box first, then hanging it on the brackets can be literally backbreaking and usually requires two people. Alternately, hanging the box first, then adding the soil and planting it in place can, at best, be messy and difficult, not to mention backbreaking, but for different reasons (try pouring or shoveling potting soil into a planter that is three or four feet off the ground!).

Our solution? Removable passion box liners that come in either two foot or three foot lengths, and fit our passion window boxes perfectly. Bring the liners to The Garden Corner, pick out your plants, then plant them up in our planting pavilion. Soil and fertilizer are free, and we clean up after you. Pop the planted liners into the window boxes, give them a good drink of water, and you're good to go. And by the way, our passion box liners have built-in reservoirs, so they give you that extra bit of protection against a missed watering or super hot days. Don't have window boxes, you say? These liners also fit our deck railing brackets, and are attractive enough to stand on their own when a rectangular planter is needed.

Description: Passion Box Liner
Use: Fits our Passion Window Boxes and railing brackets perfectly, and may be used outdoors on their own.
Color: Black
Material: Plastic
Size 1: 2 feet long, approximately 9" across, and 7" deep.
Size 2: 3 feet long, approximately 9" across and 7" deep
Additional Info: Has a built-in reservoir
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