Marigold 'Safari Yellow' - Jumbo Traypack

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Gardeners have loved marigolds for years due to their ease of care, perky good looks, and staying power throughout the summer. Safari Yellow marigolds are like bright spots of sunlight, standing above dense, finely serrated foliage, and work well in borders, mass plantings, and container planters, hanging or otherwise. Another use of marigolds is as a bug repellent for gardens. Deer tend not to like it, but neither do insects, so consider planting a row of marigolds in with your veggies. Unfortunately, slugs don't respond in the same way, so put out the slug traps!

Common Name: French Marigold, Safari Yellow Marigold
Mature Size: 10 tall, 8" wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: Frost sensitive annual
Light: Full sun to partial sun
Bloom Color: Yellow
Bloom Time: Late spring through summer
Structure: Compact mound
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