Lettuce 'Great Lakes Iceberg' Jumbo Traypack

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'Great Lakes' Iceberg or Crisphead lettuce is a long-time favorite, providing that crispy crunch that is associated with iceberg lettuce. While you can harvest outer leaves as baby greens, it will take time for the head to reach full maturity. Fortunately, lettuces are frost tolerant, so plant these starts as soon as the soil is workable and at least 40 degrees. These can be grown in containers and honestly may be an easier way to control the leaf-munching slugs. If you choose to harvest a head all at once, cut it off about 2" above the soil and let it regrow.  

Common Name: Great Lakes Iceberg Lettuce, Great Lakes Crisphead Lettuce
Culinary Uses: Salads, as wraps, or surprise - soups!
Harvest Time: Maturity at 80 - 90 days. Otherwise, harvest individual outer leaves as needed, leaving at least half the leaves for continuing growth.
Mature Size: Plant starts every 12" in rows 12" - 18" apart. Mature heads approximately 6" in diameter
Growth Rate: Moderate
Cold Hardiness: Frost tolerant annual
Light: Sun to partial sun
Structure: Mounding
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