Lavandula angustifolia 'Platinum Blonde'

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It sometimes feels as though you need a scorecard when comparing the attributes of all the different lavenders available to home gardeners. Bloom color, maximum size, and hardiness can all vary, but most lavenders have that signature gray-green foliage. Enter 'Platinum Blonde' lavender, sporting gray-green foliage edged with a creamy yellow. Just as fragrant as other lavenders with light blue blooms, this variety adds another dimension in color and texture. A wonderful addition to container planters and hanging baskets, 'Platinum Blonde' is a bit smaller than some of its cousins and pairs well with red and blue companion plants. 

Common Name: Platinum Blonde Lavender
Mature Size: 1 - 2 feet tall, up to 2 feet wide
Growth Rate: Moderate
Cold Hardiness: -5° F
Characteristics: Evergreen, deer-resistant, drought tolerant once established, attracts bees, foliage and flowers are fragrant
Light: Full sun to part sun
Structure: Mounding
Bloom Color: Blue
Bloom Time: Summer to fall
Uses: Containers, hanging baskets, mass plantings and borders
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