Helenium 'Salud Embers' 1 Gallon

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This sunny bright, summer-blooming perennial is somewhat surprising, as it looks as though it could handle dry soil and become drought-tolerant. Sneezeweed, as 'Salud Embers' Helenium is commonly known, actually prefers moister soil, and can bring warm colors to those problematic wet spots in the garden. Only about a foot tall and wide, 'Salud Embers' does well in container planters and hanging baskets as well, blooming from mid-summer up until fall. Oddly enough, helenium tends to get leggy if overfertilized, but a gentle cut-back in late spring/early summer before blooms appear will keep the plant compact and tidy.

Common Name: Sneezeweed
Mature Size: 14" - 16" tall, 12" - 14" wide
Growth Rate: Moderate
Cold Hardiness: -30 ° F
Characteristics: Perennial, attracts bees and hummingbirds, deer-resistant, wet-area tolerant, great cut flower
Light: Full sun to partial sun
Structure: Upright clump
Bloom Color: Brick red with yellow edges
Bloom Time: Summer into fall
Uses: Cut-flower gardens, woodland gardens, container planters, borders, hanging baskets, boggy areas.
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