Glechoma h. Variegata 4 Inch

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Another common name for Variegated Creeping Charlie is Variegated Ground Ivy, and in some states, it is as aggressive and invasive as regular ivy. We use Creeping Charlie in our passion baskets and other container planters because of its beautiful variegated, matte-green foliage, and its phenomenal trailing ability. Growers state that this trailer reaches about 14" but we have seen Creeping Charlie grow to well over four feet long. Though treated as an annual, Glechoma is hardy down to -5 degrees, and we have seen it brave our Pacific NW weather with mixed results. Creeping Charlie can handle the shade or sun, and is an excellent "spiller" for hanging baskets and container planters.

Common Name: Variegated Creeping Charlie, Variegated Ground Ivy
Mature Size: 3" - 6" tall, 14" wide and beyond
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: -5 ° F
Light: Sun to partial sun
Bloom Color: Blue
Bloom Time: Spring
Structure: Trailing
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