Geranium Zonal 'Caliente Fire' 4 Inch

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Time and again, we've seen visitors to the nursery drawn to the zonal geraniums as bees are to honey. The dark green, banded foliage is a perfect backdrop for the bright flowers that pretty much holler "SUMMER." 'Caliente Fire' is a deep red that handles the heat of summer and works well in the garden as well as container planters and hanging baskets, forming a compact mound. Sunshine, water, and fertilizer will keep this drought-tolerant annual looking its best. Beware budworms however, as they love geraniums. If the foliage is healthy but the plant stops flowering, look for telltale black droppings/spots on the leaves or tiny green caterpillars. We've got a foliar spray that will have your geraniums blooming again in no time!

Common Name: Caliente Fire Geranium
Mature Size: 12" - 18" tall and wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: 25 ° F, frost sensitive annual
Light: Full sun to partial sun
Bloom Color: Deep red
Bloom Time: Late spring into fall.
Structure: Upright mound
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