Gallium odoratum 4 Inch

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Sweet Woodruff is a favorite ground cover for shadier locations in the garden, growing into a dense mat of fragrant greenery, topped with dainty white flowers in the spring. Evergreen in warmer winter climates, Sweet Woodruff will remain more compact if older stems are cut back in late winter. The trimmings can be dried and used in sachets and potpourris, as the fragrance intensifies when dried.

Common Name: Sweet Woodruff
Mature Size: 6" tall, 12" - 24" wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: - 30° F
Characteristics: Evergreen in warmer winters, deer- and rabbit resistant, fragrant
Light: Shade to filtered sun
Structure: Ground cover
Bloom Color: White
Bloom Time: Spring
Uses: Ground cover, shade gardens, container planters, borders, hanging baskets
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