Euonymus 'Butterscotch' Quart

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'Butterscotch' Euonymus is like adding sunshine to the garden. Its neat, small yellow foliage can brighten up any container planter or hanging basket that needs year-round interest, and works equally well in borders, rock gardens, woodland gardens, and mass plantings. This variety slowly reaches three feet in height and about as wide, and requires very little pruning to maintain a neat profile. 

Common Name: 'Butterscotch' Euonymus, Spindle wood
Mature Size: 3 feet tall and wide
Growth Rate: Slow
Cold Hardiness: -20 ° F
Characteristics: Evergreen
Light: Sun to partial sun
Structure: Rounded
Bloom Color: Inconspicuous
Bloom Time: Inconspicuous
Uses: Rock gardens, woodland gardens, container planters, borders, hanging baskets, mass plantings
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