Echinacea 'Prima Ruby' Quart

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Coneflowers may not bloom as early as all those flashy summer annuals, but they bring renewed energy and color to the summer garden that lasts right up until the first frost. 'Prima Ruby' coneflower forms a tidy clump of clean green foliage about a foot tall and wide that is capped by large red blooms. Emerging as daisy-like flowers, the blooms gradually morph into the characteristic coneflower shape with a large dark eye that acts as a beacon to bees and butterflies. Pick a sunny garden spot for this reliable perennial and it will come back year after year for stupendous repeat performances. Due to its short, tidy stature, 'Prima Ruby' is an excellent candidate for container planters, hanging baskets, and in borders or mass plantings. Drought tolerant once established, this beauty is easy to grow and enjoy. 

Common Name: Prima Ruby Coneflower
Mature Size: 12" tall, 15" wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: -25 ° F
Characteristics: Perennial, deer-resistant, drought tolerant once established, attracts bees and butterflies, great cut flower
Light: Full sun to partial sun
Structure: Upright clump
Bloom Color: Red
Bloom Time: Summer into fall
Uses: Container planters, borders, mass plantings, hanging baskets
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