Dracaena deremensis 'Lemon Lime Bush'

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This dracaena has great air purification qualities, ridding the air of those unwanted toxins. Use in areas of medium light to high light - the more light, the more variegation. If the air becomes too dry, tips may turn brown, so misting 'Lemon Lime Bush' may help, and position away from heat vents. Although nicknamed 'Corn Plant' for its looks, dracaenas are far from edible, and are toxic to pets and humans if ingested.

Common Name: Lemon Lime Bush, Corn Plant, Dragon Plant
Mature Size: 5 feet tall, 3 feet wide
Growth Rate: Moderate
Optimum Temperature: 60°-80° F
Characteristics: House plant, toxic to dogs, cats, and humans, air purifier
Light: Well-lit room, no direct sun
Water: Water thoroughly when surface soil is dry
Structure: Upright narrow
Bloom Color: N/A
Uses: Indoor specimen, container planter
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