Cyperus papyrus

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'King Tut' Papyrus is one of those summertime novelty plants that often captures the fancy of gardeners looking for something fast-growing and frankly, rather flashy. Capable of growing to six feet tall, this water-loving grass sends up umbrella-like spikelets that can measure up to 12 inches across. The greenish-brown heads resemble fireworks bursts without the color, and add a tropical feel when planted along ponds or in sunny but wet areas of the garden. Alas, this is a tender perennial, so most Pacific NW gardeners treat 'King Tut' Papyrus as an annual.

Common Name: Papyrus, King Tut Grass
Mature Size: 4 - 6 feet tall, 3 -4 feet wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: 20 ° F
Characteristics: Tender perennial grown as annual, wet-area tolerant
Light: Sun to partial sun
Structure: Upright clump
Bloom Color: Green
Bloom Time: Summer
Uses: Ponds, boggy areas, tropical gardens, container planters
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