Corn 'Jubilee' 4 Inch

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Corn on the cob is the epitome of summer bounty, and garden novices often dream of picking plump ears of yellow corn like Jubilee corn. One common mistake that results in a poor harvest is planting corn in long rows. Corn planted in squares will yield much better results because it depends upon wind pollination. Space corn plants every 8 to 12 inches in rows that are 24" - 30" inches apart. Fertilize regularly, hope for hot summer days, and be patient.  

Common Name: Jubilee corn, standard sweet (SU) corn
Culinary Uses: Grilled, roasted, steamed, microwaved on the cob.
Harvest Time: 90 - 100 days
Mature Size: Plants 5 -6 feet tall. Mature ears are 7" - 8" long.
Growth Rate: Slow
Cold Hardiness: Frost sensitive annual
Light: Full sun
Structure: Upright stalks. Plant 8" - 12" apart in rows 30" - 36" apart.
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