Blueberry 'Chippewa' 1 Gallon

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'Chippewa' may be smaller in stature, but its berries are just as flavorful as its larger cousins. This variety is known as a "half-high," with the shrub topping out at three- to four feet tall and about as wide. At least six hours of sun is a must for best tasting berries, and if you can plant another blueberry variety that blooms at about the same time (spring), the berry production and flavor will be all the better for that. Blueberries are self-pollinating, but the cross pollination results in better yields. 

Common Name: Blueberry 'Chippewa'
Culinary Uses: Fresh for salads, desserts, smoothies. Freezes well. Excellent in baked goods.
Harvest Time: Early to mid summer
Mature Size: Shrub is 3 - 4 feet tall and wide. Fruits are medium-sized.
Growth Rate: Slow
Cold Hardiness: -30 ° F
Light: Full sun to partial sun
Structure: Upright
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