Chamomile 'German' Seed Pack

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German chamomile is the annual herb many use for making calming, sleep-inducing teas. Give this plant full sun and for best results, sow seeds directly outdoors as soon as the soil can be worked, or 4 - 6 weeks prior to your average last frost date, in large pots or in the ground. Blooms appear continuously from spring into summer, so there is no real harvest date. Pick just the flowers (no stems) in the morning before the flowers open fully, then spread them out to dry, out of the direct sun, preferably without heat.  

Botanical Name: Matricaria recutita
Mature Size: 18" - 30" tall, 12" - 18" wide
Light: Full sun
Cold Hardiness: -15 ° F
When to Sow Outside: 4 to 6 weeks before your average last frost date or as soon as soil can be worked
When to Start Inside: 4 to 6 weeks before your average last frost date
Special Germination Instructions: Outdoor sowing recommended for best results
Days to Emerge: 10 - 15 days
Seed Depth: Press into soil surface
Seed Spacing: A pinch of seeds every 8"
Row Spacing: 18"
Thinning: When ½" tall, thin to 1 every 8"
Maturity Date: No actual harvest or maturity date. Pick flowers in the morning before then open fully.
When to Harvest: Pick flowers in the morning before fully opened. Discard stems.
Additional Info: Repels cucumber beetles
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