Cauliflower 'Organic' Jumbo Traypack

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Now that temps are dropping, consider planting one last crop of cauliflower. It prefers cooler temps but still needs full sun to form those beautiful heads. This cruciferous veggie is versatile in the kitchen, roasted with a sprinkling of cumin, grated or whirled in the processor to make "rice," or on its own as a delicious soup. And don't hesitate to stir-fry the leaves - they taste like cauliflower, only a green version!

Common Name: Cauliflower
Culinary Uses: Raw, roasted, riced/sauteed, pickled
Harvest Time: Fall into winter
Mature Size: 16 - 24" plant
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: 26° F
Light: Sun
Structure: Upright clump
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