Carex testacea 'Orange Sedge' 4 inch

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We love sedges, possibly even more than the ornamental grasses. Much more diverse in character than grasses, sedges come in a variety of colors, ranging from solid greens to variegated yellow tones and in the case of Orange Sedge, to orange. Sedges also come in varying textures. Orange Sedge is fine bladed, with a mounding habit that allows the stems to move freely with the wind. Sedges also provide year-round interest but if, in the case of Orange sedge, it gets a bit too shaggy, you can gently rake the old foliage out for a fresh spring look.  

Common Name: Orange New Zealand Sedge, Orange Sedge
Mature Size: Up to 2 feet tall and wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: -5 ° F
Characteristics: Evergreen, deer-resistant, wet-area tolerant
Light: Sun to partial sun
Structure: Mounding clump
Bloom Color: N/A
Bloom Time: N/A
Uses: Rock gardens, woodland gardens, container planters, mass plantings
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