Calibrachoa ‘Blueberry Scone’ 4 inch

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We love calibrachoas for the endless variations in color, clean green foliage, and their hummingbird and bee appeal. 'Blueberry Scone' calibrachoa is in the Chameleon series, so named because the colors will shift from a purplish blue to violet with the length of day and amount of sunlight it receives. Single-petaled, 'mini-petunia' like flowers adorn stems that will trail slightly in hanging baskets and container planters. No need to deadhead calibrachoas, but be sure to give them lots of sun, water and fertilize regularly, and enjoy.

Common Name: Chameleon Blueberry Scone Calibrachoa, Million Bells Blueberry Scone
Mature Size: 10" - 12" tall, 12" - 18" wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: Frost sensitive annual
Light: Sun to partial sun
Bloom Color: Purplish blue to violet with yellow throats
Bloom Time: Late spring into fall
Structure: Mounding, trailing
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