Calibrachoa 'Aloha Kona Sunshine' 6 Inch

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'Aloha Kona Sunshine' calibrachoa is a fast growing summer annual, mounding six to ten inches tall, and spreading up to 18 inches wide. This growth habit makes it a natural for dressing up borders and walkways or filling and spilling over the edges of hanging baskets and container planters. 'Aloha Kona Sunshine' well deserves the common name of million bells, with dainty white and yellow flowers covering the foliage from late spring well into the fall. Absolutely gorgeous in all-white baskets, paired with other pastel-colored flowers and foliage, or as a pop of color in planters with a darker palette. 

Common Name: Aloha Kona Sunshine Calibrachoa, Aloha Kona Million Bells
Mature Size: 6" - 10" tall, 12"- 18" wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: Frost sensitive annual
Light: Sun to partial sun
Bloom Color: White and yellow
Bloom Time: Late spring into fall
Structure: Mounding, trailing
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