Brugmansia 'Variegata' 1 Gallon

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Who would guess that such a big beautiful shrub and flowers are in the same family as tomatoes and nightshade? Variegated Angel's Trumpet is such a show-off, with large soft leaves splotched with white, complementing the large white, trumpet-shaped blooms. Pacific NW brugsmansia fans will go to great lengths to keep their Angel's Trumpets alive from year to year, often bringing the plants indoors when the temps drop in the fall. This can be quite a feat, as the plants can grow to 8 feet tall and almost as wide. On the other hand, we have seen Angel's Trumpets that have been left outside die down and grow back from the roots each year, and if you grow them in a pot, it's much easier to shelter them under the eaves. Variegated Angel's Trumpet is a stunning summer plant and absolutely worth growing. 

Common Name: Angel's Trumpet, Variegated Angel's Trumpet
Mature Size: 3 - 8 feet tall, possibly as wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: 20 ° F
Characteristics: Perennial - treat as an annual below zone 9, shelter under eaves or bring indoors in the winter. Fragrant, attracts bees
Light: Sun to partial sun
Structure: Upright
Bloom Color: White
Bloom Time: Mid-summer to fall
Uses: Woodland gardens, container planters, specimen
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