Brachyscome 'Radiant Magenta' 4 inch

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If you need a bright blast of pink in a summertime garden, look no further than brachyscome 'Radiant Magenta.' Not the easiest to pronounce, this compact summer bloomer is also known as Swan River Daisy, but whatever you call it, it's a great choice when you have a small container planter or hanging basket that needs plentiful pink. About half a foot tall and wide, 'Radiant Magenta' gives you lots of color in a small package. Give it lots of sun, water and fertilize regularly, and it will keep on producing its radiant magenta, daisy-like flowers all summer long.

Common Name: Swan River Daisy
Mature Size: 5" - 7" tall, 6" - 8" wide
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: 33 ° F. Frost sensitive annual
Light: Full sun
Bloom Color: Magenta
Bloom Time: Spring to fall
Structure: Upright mound
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