Bike Table Planter

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Sometimes, you just need something whimsical in the garden to give your potted plants that extra charm. Dress up this bicycle planter with a couple of four-inch pots of pansies, cyclamen, or primroses in the spring, and any number of flowering annuals in the summer. Impatiens and torenia would be perfect for those shadier spots, and calibrachoa, brachyscomes, or bacopa would be terrific for a sunny table. If you keep the plants in their pots, you can swap them out as often as the mood strikes. For those looking for a more permanent option, consider planting succulents directly into the pot. A combination of hens and chicks, sedums, or echeverias would be truly eye-catching and would need very little watering.

Description: Bike Table Planter
Use: Outdoor planter
Color: Terra cotta and antique bronze
Material: Terra cotta pot, metal bike
Size: 11" long, 4" wide, 10" tall from bike handle to base
Additional Info: No drain hole
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