Asarum caudatum 'Ling Ling' Quart

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Beautiful in containers or as a ground cover, Panda Face Ginger adds visual and textural interest to those shady gardens. Heart-shaped, dark green leaves marked with silver will often hide the "Panda Face" flowers in spring. Treat as a perennial, but may winter over in milder climates. A member of the ginger family, Panda Face Ginger is usually unpalatable to deer, who will give it a pass.

Common Name: Panda Face Ginger
Mature Size: 6" - 12" high, 8" - 12" wide
Growth Rate:
Cold Hardiness: 0° F
Characteristics: Dark green, heart-shaped leaves with silvery markings. Black flower with wide white band in the center. Shade-lover. May winter over in mild climates; otherwise, treat as perennial.
Light: Shade to afternoon shade
Structure: Ground cover
Bloom Color: Black with wide, white center band
Bloom Time: Spring
Uses: Shade planters, ground cover, woodland gardens, deer-resistent
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