Arugula Jumbo Traypack

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How can such a soft, tender green have such a big taste? Arugula, aka rocket, is well-known for its peppery taste, and the intensity of that bite increases with age. Baby greens are the mildest and a wonderful way to spice up bland salads. This is a great candidate for container gardening or even hanging baskets. That will certainly deter any slugs!

Common Name: Rocket
Culinary Uses: Fresh as baby greens or mature leaves.
Harvest Time: Matures at 35 - 40 days. For the mildest baby greens, pick leaves when 2"–4" long. Pick individually or cut off the plant at ground level. For the best flavor, harvest before plant begins to flower, unless you plan to eat the flowers.
Mature Size:
Growth Rate: Fast
Cold Hardiness: Frost tolerant annual
Light: Sun to partial sun
Structure: 12" - 24" tall at maturity. Plant starts 3" - 5" apart.
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