Arrhenatherum eb. 'Variegatum' 1 Gallon

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Not your typical grass, Bulbous Oat Grass's blue-green variegated leaves and lower profile make it a natural for container planters and hanging baskets. Technically a perennial, Bulbous Oat Grass is semi-evergreen in warmer winters, and works well in borders or mass plantings. Although a sun-lover, this grass needs to be watered regularly for best performance. 

Common Name: Bulbous Oat Grass
Mature Size: 8" - 12" tall, spreads 12" - 18"
Growth Rate: Slow to moderate
Cold Hardiness: -40 ° F
Characteristics: Semi-evergreen, blue-green blades with white stripes, low-growing, best with regular watering, deer-resistant
Light: Sun to part sun, performs well in cooler climates
Structure: Low spreading
Bloom Color: Oat-like seed heads
Bloom Time: Summer to fall
Uses: Woodland gardens, container planters, hanging baskets, borders, coastal gardens, mass plantings
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